Equal Shared Parenting

What We Do


— Advocacy

To make equal shared parenting a rebuttable presumption in family law to maintain meaningful parenting time for both parents with the child


— We Build Families

Restoring relationships and families through our monthly family program to cope with emotional,  attachment, marriage conflicts, social and behavioural problems.


— We Strengthen

We strengthen and empower families and individuals through accessible programs and services.


— We Educate

Through our Let of Some Steam program, we’re able to educate on getting rid of bad energies, anger, strong emotions, violence and resources to reconnect positively.


— We Support Victims to RISE

Through our RISE program, we support and assist individuals to be empowered and revived.

  • R = Refuse to remain the same
  • I = Create new interest
  • S = Submission
  • E = Exhortatio

— We Counsel

Counsel families to help improve trouble relationships with partner, children or other family members, substance abuse, physical abuse and violence.


Let Off Some Steam

Designed to provide a platform for men to get rid of strong negative feelings, bad energies, manage anger, strong emotions and overcoming issues violent behaviours.

Father / Dad Hunger

A mentorship program designed for children without fathers by matching children to men/fathers who will mentor, support and direct them in life.


A program designed to bring/instill hope in hopeless fathers.


A platform to assist with coping skills and emotional support for failed marriages in the areas of intense emotions: sadness, anger, hurt, fear of an uncertain future, loneliness and confusion.

  • R = Refuse to remain in that situation
  • I = Create new interests
  • S = Submission
  • E = Exhortation through pain
Look Behind The Mask

 A support program to uncover the masks people hide behind and embrace self-authentic identity.  Sadness, frustration, anger, pain, fears, anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation