Together We Can

Build a World Where Every child equally have access to both parents in their lives.

Who We Are

Partnering to build a world where the best interests of children are supported by equal shared parenting.

Every child has an equal right to both parents to give identify, love, guide, coach and correct.  Dad’s Matter Too believes that both parents are the foundation and a cornerstone in every child’s life.  A father is the one ordained by God to release blessings over children.  Therefore, we aspire to have a global impart by promoting a positive message of the true benefits, blessings and importance of fatherhood and healthy family relationships.

What We Do


— Advocacy

To make equal shared parenting a rebuttable presumption in family law to maintain meaningful parenting time for both parents with the child


— We Build Families

Restoring relationships and families through our monthly family program to cope with emotional,  attachment, marriage conflicts, social and behavioural problems.


— We Strengthen

We strengthen and empower families and individuals through accessible programs and services.


— We Educate

Through our Let of Some Steam program, we’re able to educate on getting rid of bad energies, anger, strong emotions, violence and resources to reconnect positively.


— We Support victims to RISE

Through our RISE program, we support and assist individuals to be empowered and revived.

  • R = Refuse to remain the same
  • I = Create new interest
  • S = Submission
  • E = Exhortation

— We Counsel

Counsel families to help improve trouble relationships with partner, children or other family members, substance abuse, physical abuse and violence.

Impact Stories

Together we can overcome
A Brighter Future — For our Children